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      Stephen RektenwaldStephen Rektenwald

      Is there a way to temporarily disable touch capabilities with an activtouch board when I am not projecting my screen?

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      Hi Stephen, 

      Can you give me a bit of background on why this would be needed?  
      If you are not displaying and image the board would be a blank surface, are you looking to use it as a whiteboard to write on with markers during this time?  
      Maybe you can let me know how the touch interferes with what your doing?  

      Reason I’m asking:  there is no straightforward way of disabling the touch without disconnecting the board altogether, but perhaps we can find a way around it if I know how it’s interfering. 

      Your case reference for this is 00459744

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      Yes, this would be on using the board as a whiteboard or inadvertant touches when the projector is not being used. Examples projector is off, teacher is conferencing with students at her desk so computer is open, students walk by and graze the whiteboard moving the mouse and sometimes clicking on icons on the computer. We have investigated exiting ActivManager, but haven’t found an easy way for teachers to restart short of “restarting the computer.”

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      Thank you for getting back to me Stephen. 
      Unplugging the USB cable to the board  from the PC USB port is the most straightforward way to accomplish this, but there might be the odd occasion where the board is not detected when reconnecting. 
      The teacher’s machine would have to be restarted in this case. 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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