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      Rebecca WennerRebecca Wenner

      We recently updated our boards to the ActivPanels that allow touch capabilities with your finger in addition to using the pen.  It is extremely sensitive.  I sometimes turn and my sweater swipes the board and advances my presentation.  Is there a way to disable the touch so I can only interactive with my pens.  We currently have version 5.17.13 installed on my teaching laptop.  Thank you.

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      Hi Rebecca Wenner,

      Thank you for posting.

      Can you help to confirm the model of ActivPanel that you are using?

      This will be located next to the serial number (although we do not need to know the serial number).

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind Regards,
      Promethean Support

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      Rebecca WennerRebecca Wenner

      Hi Adam,

      We have three different models throughout our district.  I would love to know how to do this on all of the models if possible.


      Here is the info:

      AP5-75 –  MODEL #PRM-X6PRO-01

      AP-84 – APT2-84

      AP6-75-4K – MODEL # PRM-ACON1-OPS


      Thanks so much!!



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      Hi Rebecca Wenner,

      Thank you for your reply confirming the different models that you have.

      The AP-84 works off an infrared grid which when broken will track as a touch interaction. There is no way of being able to disable this unless you remove your USB cable from the computer that is connecting to the ActivPanel.
      The AP5 and AP6 models are very similar in terms of how the touch works, this works using In-Glass technology where the sensors are behind the screen.
      This has been designed so that this will pick up motion when the glass has been touched. These ActivPanels can also identify when a stylus has been used rather than a finger due to the diameter of the nib and treats this as a stylus event rather than a touch event.
      If you use software such as ActivInspire, you could set this to Ignore Touch which will then only work with your stylus.
      This can be changed within Settings>Dual Mode ActivBoards>Touch Input handling >Ignore Touch.

      Other applications may vary and would be best contacting the developers to see if they have similar options.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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