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      John OwenJohn Owen

      Activboard 500 pro short throw projector is not filling the whole board. We have the resolution at 1024×768 and duplicated displays, but for some reason on two boards the screen is not completely filled.

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      Thank you for your post.

      Please confirm details below:

      – what is the size/model of the ActivBoard? (do not post serial number of the board in the forum)
      – is the image square on the board? Or is it slanted?
      – if you disconnect the VGA/HDMI cable, does the image fill the screen?

      Thank you
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi there,

      I am not sure if you still use this forum as the last post looks like Oct 2015.

      I am having trouble with the size being too small on my IWB – I have used the zoom in and zoom out feature on the projector and the remote. I have also accessed Control Panel and had a fiddle around there.

      Can you please help?

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      Hello k8joanne,

      Thank you for your image.

      It looks like you do not have a Promethean projector, I am unable to advise on the alignment of this model of projector. 

      From the image supplied, it looks like the projector needs to be aligned and the aspect ratio needs to be changed. You would most likely do this via the projectors installation menu.

      Please speak to the projector manufacturer for support on the4 alignment. 


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