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      Katie ColonKatie Colon

      Hello, I’m currently trying to daisy chain my laptop to the Promethean board via the DisplayPort on my monitor. The source picks up, but only displays “No Signal.” What I’m wanting to do is have everything hooked up to the monitor so I can just plug my laptop in via the USB-C port. Yes, the board connects to my laptop just fine via HDMI, but then I have to plug it in every day (minor inconvenience but one I want to solve if I can). The monitor itself has no HDMI out port (because why would a school district buy equipment that is multi-functional) so I can’t use an HDMI cord to connect the monitor.


      Here’s what I have:

      Laptop: HP Elitebook Dragonfly G2

      Monitor: ThinkVision P24h-2L

      Board: Promethean ActivPanel Titanium

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      Hi Katie,

      Your monitor is an input, not an output device, so connecting a display port from the Monitor to the ActivPanel will not do anything.

      You will need to connect via the means of your laptops available outputs, such as HDMI and USB-C.

      It may be best contacting your school district IT  department to see what they recommend in your room environment.




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        Katie ColonKatie Colon

        My monitor has both an input and separate output DisplayPort, which is why it shows up as a source. Is there another reason it would be showing up as no signal?

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        Hi Katie,

        Based on the specification of your monitor, the connectivity for your monitor show as inputs, not outputs.
        The reason why this will show as a source is due to the monitor being powered, this will give the power pin voltage, as such, the panel will detect this pin/voltage and detect this as a source, but the rest of the pins won’t be able to send input because your monitors ports are not outputs.


        Above is an example of the pins located on both HDMI and DisplayPort ends, the voltage given off from the monitor will be supplying the power to your cable (pin 20 on DP/Pin 18 on HDMI).

        I wasn’t able to find an exact specification on the model of laptop you have, though this will have an HDMI output, this will then go to either your monitor or ActivPanel.
        You could then use a splitter to have this image displayed on both the monitor and ActivPanel.
        If you wanted to have them both as individual extended displays, you would need to look at the potential of docking stations that can handle both outputs.

        Though please be aware that this is not supported from Promethean and our recommendation is to use the supplied cabling direct to your hardware.

        I hope this helps.



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