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      Jon ArnoldJon Arnold

      Hi all, The issue I have is with two pages turning on flipchart when working at the board (OK on PC which has windows 7 installed) I have followed instructions on KB1167 and installed Ver 2.5 66477 to no avail. This is on a Activpanel ATP70. Please help to resolve this issue for me.

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      Wish I could solve the problem for you, I’ve had the same one all year long.  However, Promethean did give me an alternative that works pretty well.  You can use a horizontal swiping hand gesture to advance one page at a time.

      One other note, the other day my board was doing the two pages at a time thing and then it froze and restarted.  When it restarted, it worked fine.  This is the only time in 6 months that I remember it working exactly the way I expected it to.

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      Hello Jon,

      Please open the ActivInspire software and select FILE Settings. Select Dual Mode ActivBoards and untick the Enable touch pan and zoom.

      Please let us know if this resolves the issue for you.

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Frances

      I am in communication with Jarrad about this issue on a previous post


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