What is ActivInspire?
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      Maggie CreganMaggie Cregan

      I used Bic Dry Erase markers on the board. I attempted to erase it with a dry erase eraser but it just smeared it. Then I Expo Dry Erase spray, since the Activ Board manual shows that spray is allowed in one of the pictures. Most of it came off with a lot of rubbing with a clean cloth and the spray, but there is still one spot that has left a discolored streak. This board has only been in use for three days. How can I get rid of the streak? Now I don’t dare use dry erase markers on it even though ActivBoard claims they are safe. Please help. Thank you.

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      If the Product code of the ActivBoard in questions ends in the letter ‘D’, then that board be one of our Touch Series ActivBoards with a dry-erase surface; any materials and advice used for and applicable to cleaning those surfaces can be adhered to for this model of board.

      For advice on cleaning the surface of any other model of ActivBoard, please refer to Article 10218 from our Promethean Knowledgebase.

      (Support Case 00594249)

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      Ok? So if it does end in D, then what do I use, or where do I find that info?

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