What is ActivInspire?
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      Cherie PhinneyCherie Phinney

      I updated to the newest version of active inspire for my classroom, which has the classflow option, but I can no longer use my dual user function. When I attempt to use the dual user function it states: Dual User requires an update available for Promethean Activboards only.

      Please contact Promethean or your nearest Promethean reseller for your upgrade options.

      I have always used the dual user function on my board and have tried everything I can think of to solve my problem. Please help!!

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      If the update to ActivInspire was done from within the software, either through the “Check for updates” option (Help > Check for updates) or when prompted when the software started up, then only the ActivInspire software was updated. You will also need to update the ActivDriver on that computer to support the use of some of the software’s features, such as Dual User mode.

      That updated driver can be downloaded from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase, if needed.

      (Support Case 00531387)

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