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      Dual User Mode: Requests more than questions, because I do not believe the features are available.

      1) Could you add the feature of rolling the toolbar up to the dual user toolbar – just as we can with the main toolbar?

      I create highly graphic flipcharts that have their own objects with the corresponding toolbar actions assigned to them (to keep with the look) and roll the main toolbar up, but since we always have two at the board, the dual user toolbar is always “out.”

      2.) Is there a way (perhaps I just haven’t played around enough connected to my board) to assign actions that control the 2nd pen? If an object has an action assigned to it (instead of using the toolbars) can both/either pen interact with the object and the action will work?

      2.) Is there an update on being allowed to make the default tool for the dual user – the select arrow, rather than the pen? Another user posted a question 5 months ago about this.

      Completely unrelated to dual user; while I am familiar and comfortable using custom/other choices for the flipchart size, in the future could you please consider adding a feature to save our custom sizes? Right now I have to instruct the teachers through several menus/clicks or teach them to create a “template” flipchart. Those that are tech savvy have no issues, those who just want to make the flipchart, get frustrated by “so many” initial steps to get started.

      The “problem” presented itself when our campus technology was upgraded and everything is now widescreen. With multiple users at the board there is no reason to not take advantage of the full screen width, but the teachers have to “custom” size every flipchart.

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      Most of
      these concerns are for enhancements to the software. We will raise these issues
      up as enhancements requests.

      As far
      as the default tool for the pens, there is no update on being allowed to make the default tool for the dual user –
      the select arrow, rather than the pen. 

      Frances Promethean Technical Support

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