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      The lamp of an EST-P1 has not come on since Friday (the school had Monday off and it is Tuesday after school). Now when the projector is plugged in, after cooling for an hour or more (unplugged), the power LED glows steady orange. Then, when the remote’s power button is pressed, at least two behaviors have been observed. The school’s tech agent (yours truly) saw the fan come on and the power LED flash continuously (cooling, according to the “LED Error Messages” table on p. 45 of the EST-P1 user guide). The teacher said that this morning the power LED began flashing and the lamp LED came on right away. I believe devices were turned on in the proper order (computer first, VGA and USB connections between computer and projector, then projector).

      I can’t figure it out, please help.

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      Hi Eduards,

      In this instance I would recommend testing another EST-P1 lamp to see if the issue follows the lamp or the projector if you are able to do so.
      We would recommend if possible, testing a known working EST-P1 lamp from another EST-P1 projector if possible.

      From the EST-P1 manual, the information for changing the lamp can be found on page number 36.

      Should a different lamp work inside the projector, we would recommend recording the lamp hours by pressing ‘Status’ on the remote and contacting Promethean Technical Support directly.
      If the same fault appears, power off the projector for 30 minutes by removing the mains cable and then reconnect and power on the projector.

      When contacting Promethean Technical Support please have your projector serial number to hand. If you are in need of help locating the serial number please refer to article 10474 on

      (Support Case 00518568)

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      Thank you, Adam. I was about to follow your advice when a colleague with more experience did something he called a hard reset, which restored projector function.

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