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    This brief announcement provides an overview of the planned new Software Release process and schedule that is set to rollout in parallel with the launch of the ActivPanel Elements Series.

    Why establish this policy?

    As Promethean shifts in 2019 to a model of continuous innovation—shipping new and enhanced user experiences throughout the calendar year—it will be vital to establish a predictable and reliable release schedule to both set expectations and properly prepare our customers, partners, and field ahead of each software release.

    The following represents how this policy will be communicated to customer and partner audiences.

    As we are in the process of finalizing these details of the global availability of ActivPanel Elements Series, the Product Group welcomes your feedback.

    Planned Software Release Policy for ActivPanel and ActivConnect

    At Promethean’s discretion, we will issue new updates to our Software (called “Software Releases”) for our ActivPanel and ActivConnect devices on a periodic basis. The purpose of this post is to describe these types of releases, the anticipated timing of their releases, and how they may affect you.

    All customers are strongly urged to keep their product current and update to the latest product available to take advantage of new features, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. From time to time, Promethean may require customers to update their software in order to continue to be supported or to address any security concern.

    Types of Software Releases and Versioning

    New Software Release for currently supported Promethean products may fall into one of the following categories based on the scope of enhancements or change in user experience introduced in the particular release, as well as any potential urgency required to implement the release for reliability or security purposes.

    Major Software Releases are revisions to the supported Promethean product that involve extensive engineering work to provide significant enhancements or support for new devices. This may include adding support for a newly launched ActivPanel and/or ActivConnect device. Major upgrades may include UI changes that require additional training. Major upgrades are often accompanied with new documentation and will always be announced—when available—on our website. Major Software Releases are generally designated by Promethean by means of a change in the digit to the left of the first decimal point (e.g. Software Release 5.0->6.0).

    Minor Software Releases are revisions and updates to the supported Promethean product that typically encapsulate software bugs fixes and small functional enhancements. For changes that significantly impact usage, the minor release number may change by a larger increment to indicate the importance of the release. Minor Releases are generally designated by Promethean by means of a change in the digit to the right of the first decimal point (e.g., Software 5.0->Software 5.1). Releases with more significant new features or changes can be reflected by a larger increment of the minor release number (e.g. Software 3.0->Software3.5)

    Revised Software Releases and Hot Fixes indicate an additional release that includes only security, bug, or hot fixes that don’t intentionally impact UI or compatibility. Revised releases are specially developed updates to an existing Major or Minor Software Release to address a specific supported Promethean product defect (e.g. bug fixes) or security issue. Due to the nature of these types of releases, Hot Fixes will often be made available outside any previously announced Major or Minor Software Release delivery date. Hot Fixes may also only be made available to specific, impacted customers. These are indicated by a third digit and decimal point added to a release (e.g. if version 3.2 is revised, the first revision is 3.2.1, the next is 3.2.2).

    Internal Build Numbers Every release has an internally used build number that may be displayed as a fourth set of numbers in the version number (e.g. Software This number is primarily of note when testing beta releases of builds, because Major and Minor versions won’t increment. There may be multiple releases during a beta period. The highest build number indicates the most recent build.

    Understanding the Impact of a release

    Promethean will continue to update and enhance functionality in our products, so running the most current release will provide the best user experience. We understand that there may be no perceived urgency to update your software or investigate enhanced features and functions when everything is running smoothly and under most circumstances there will be no requirement to update your Software. To maintain the best possible, most secure experience, we ask that you stay current with software updates.

    Every release will include associated Release Notes that will document any new features or changes in functionality included in the release. This will include a summary table of change categories that will assist a system administrator in determining what training and compatibility testing are required before accepting an update. The categories are:

    • Security Update
    • OS Update
    • Firmware Update
    • API Change
    • UI Change
    • New Features/Apps
    • Bug Fixes

    Release Cadence

    The following represents the cadence at which Promethean plans to issue Software Releases:

    • Promethean plans to deliver new Software Releases for applicable ActivPanel and ActivConnect* devices approximately three (3) times a calendar year. These Major Software Releases are expected to be made Generally Available (GA) in April, July and November. Release times were selected because of their proximity to school breaks, providing IT staff with time to evaluate, deploy, and train on new features during periods where class time won’t be impacted
    • Promethean intends to offer a public beta of the next Major Software Release a minimum of 30 days in advance of GA.
    • Promethean intends to provide disclosure of any/all user impacting changes in the next Major Software Release 60 days in advance of GA.
    • Any Major Software Release will include previous major and minor updates (it will be cumulative), removing the need to install prior Software Release as a prerequisite.
    • At GA, it is intended that all Software Releases (both major and minor) will be available via the “Over-the-air” (OTA) updating mechanism, manual download, and panel management. Updates are not automatically applied, but instead require the customer to manually trigger install of the most recent GA Software Release.
    • Promethean reserves the right to ship out-of-band updates (outside of this proposed schedule), without significant advanced notice, for issues related to security, compliance, major product impacting defects, or critical infrastructure required to deliver software updates.

    It should be noted that any Software Release (major or minor) is completely within Promethean’s sole discretion. While Promethean will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver the Software Releases as outlined in this policy, Promethean is under no obligation (contractual or otherwise) to deliver Software Releases as outlined herein.


    *Visit for a complete list of applicable ActivPanel and ActivConnect devices.

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