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      Jennifer OliveiraJennifer Oliveira

      I am trying to decrease the size of my ActiveInspire file. I’ve deleted 3 videos from the file and the file size has not changed.

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      Hi Jennifer,
      This does sound odd that the file size is not decreasing when the videos have been deleted.
      Is there a certain file size you are looking to decrease the flip chart down to?
      Would you be able to send us the flip chart file by filling in the form below?
      If the file size is over 5mb, please upload on the below link and let us know once this has been done:

      I’ve created a case to help assist with this issue, should you contact us directly about this please quote reference 00483630.

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      Thank you! I’m uploading it now. It’s 224MB and that is the size is was before I deleted 3 of the videos. I need it to be smaller.
      Thank you!

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      Hi Jennifer,
      Looking in to this issue you are experiencing it appears to be a known issue with ActivInspire keeping the embedding of the video you have inserted. I will pass this to the software development team to review and hopefully implement a fix in the future.
      For the moment, I would recommend re-creating the flip chart and not inserting the video. You should be able to copy the content on each of the flip chart pages (minus the one that initially had the video) into a new flip chart so that this will be a smaller file size for you.
      Thank you.

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      I’m still having this issue, and I’m wondering if it has been resolved in the newest version. I remove the video, save the file and the file size stays the same.

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      Please reply to this email address: Thanks!

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      An ActivInspire Readme
      file is installed with updated versions of ActivInspire; this file catalogues
      changes to and fixes for the software which were implemented in that version.


      In Windows this file
      is located in C:Program FilesActiv SoftwareInspire


      In OS X (Mac), this is
      located in ApplicationsPrometheanActivsoftware Inspiredocs


      As with any request
      for enhancement to the software, the addition of that feature will be made to a
      future version of the software, which may not necessarily be its next
      release.  Please check the readme files
      that install with the software for any updates on the addition of the feature.


      (Support Case

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