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      When I open an already created flipchart, it will not show up in the make window, but does show up in the side browser. What would cause this?

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      Flipchart files displaying this kind of behavior have had
      their data corrupted in some way.  Is these cases, we recommend that any
      unaffected pages be copied into a new flipchart, and the affected pages
      recreated in that new flipchart.


      To decrease the likelihood of this occurring with any flipcharts created in
      the future, we would suggest the following:


      ·         Reducing the number of
      objects saved to a flipchart page or the number of pages in the flipchart.

      ·         Limiting the number of
      media files embedded in the flipchart

      ·         If you are accessing the
      file from a network or removable storage device, copy the file from that
      location to the computer’s desktop and open that copy instead of opening the
      file directly from that external location.


      If the ActivInspire software is presenting this same problem when opening
      other flipcharts please contact
      our Technical Support Team
      for further steps.

      (Support Case 00527285)

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      The same problem seems to be happening for many people.
      All my files are saved to the laptops desktop so where it is being stored is not the issue.
      Also it seems to happen to any file not just those with a large number of objects saved etc.
      I have lost a lot of work due to this issue, so hopefully there is some other way to sort this?

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