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      Lindsay McnattLindsay Mcnatt

      Several teachers this week have saved their flipcharts and then when they go to open them, the file cannot be opened because it has saved as a .temp instead of a .flipchart. Is there anyway to recover the flilpcharts so they will open?

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      Hi Lindsay,

      Thank you for your post.

      Have you tried to rename format to .flipchart?
      Did the users save the flipcharts in a network location or locally?

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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      This is happening on my school network on a regular basis.
      It’s causing me quite a bit of concern now.

      To answer Miguel’s questions.
      Yes I can rename the flipchart by removing the .temp part
      The flipcharts are always saved to a network location on our server.

      A solution would be very handy.

      To answer the question not yet asked, most of the PCs are running the previous version to the current version of Activ Inspire as at 5th December 2017.

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      This is happening to me ALL the time.  At one point, I was saving all of my flipcharts in Google Drive (synced to the desktop).  I was having this happen multiple times daily and wreaking havoc with everything.  I thought maybe it was an issue with the Google Sync, so I recently moved all charts to iCloud and have them synced.  It doesn’t happen as often now, but it still happens several times a week.  I then have to find the file, rename it and then it will work. . . Until the next time that it does it.  

      Easy enough, but time consuming for me to fix.  But substitutes don’t know how to resolve the situation.  I’ve already had one message today saying that the substitute couldn’t open a flipchart and I had to remote it in the fix the file.

      Would really appreciate any suggestions on what causes this and how to avoid the issue.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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