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      I have the latest version of Activeinspire. Recently when I open a flipchart, I can see what I have done on the page browser but not on the main screen. This happens to flipcharts saved to a flash drive, to the hard drive and flipcharts e-mailed to myself from hard drive. The OS is windoes 10 but also happened on 8.1. and on Vista. It happens randomly and isn’t related to size of flipchart and has happened on text only flipcharts.

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      Given the behavior described, it would appear that the flowchart has become corrupt.

      This can have several causes and unfortunately there is no way of recovering it, unless you have a backed up copy of a previous version.

      You can try and open it from the PC where the flipchart was originally created, as the missing files would be stored in the local temp folder on this machine.

      If the flipchart was created in a previous version of our software, it will more than likely be necessary to recreate the flipchart in ActivInspire. Using the latest version of that software can reduce the risk of this happening. Our up-to-date version 2.4 software can be downloaded from this page on Promethean Planet.

      There are a number of steps that can be carried out to reduce the risk of corrupt flipcharts occurring including but not limited to:

      – ensuring the disc that the flipchart is being stored onto is free from errors, and has been defragmented.

      – ensure that the disc the flipchart is being stored onto has enough free space.

      – ensure that the user has full access to the location that the flipchart is being stored to.

      – ensure that the local user temp directories are clear and not full of redundant files.

      – safely remove any thumb drives or hard drives if they are being moved.

      (Support Case 00587666)

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