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      labhras de Faoitelabhras de Faoite



      My flips are all blank, I use a mac.

      Its over 6 years of work. What can I do?

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      Hi Labhras,

      There are a couple of things to check here.

      1. Is your ActivInspire up to date?  We recommend ensuring you are running the latest version of ActivInspire. You can download the latest version here.
      2. How were the Flipcharts saved?  Do you have them saved locally on your computer or a shared network drive?
      3. Does this issue happen with all flipcharts or just a select few?
      4. If you were to create a new one, save it, and reopen it, does the same issue happen?
      5. Do you get any errors?  If so, can you take a screen shot?
      6. Were these flipcharts created on your current Mac or a different computer?
      7. What version of Mac OS are you running?

      If the flipchart turns out to be corrupt, there isn’t a way to recover it, however, we recommend keeping your software up to date and saving your files in a stable location locally on your computer to prevent this from happening again in the future.

      Thank you,


      Promethean Escalations Team



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