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      Jon ChambersJon Chambers

      Can you freeze the screen/display (like you could with a projector remote), on an ActivPanel Touch?

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      Hi Jon, 

      Really good question! 
      Currently, on the ActivPanel Touch you can only do this if your panel is connected via HDMI. 
      (F1 key under the 8 on the Remote) 
      On the ActivPanel2 that is now available, you will be able to do this from any connection type. 

      Case reference:  00460305

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      Thanks for this. FYI. It doesn’t tell you this in the PDF User Guide TP1872.

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      Thanks Jon, I will pass this information along. 
      Just as a headsup: we also have an open Enhancement request to be able to use the Freeze function from all connection modes on the ActivPanel in future. 

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