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      Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan

      I’m trying to do a full back-up of one of our ActivConnect OPS-G.  I have developer mode enabled and USB debugging turned on.  Unfortunately, ADB is unable to connect.  Is there a specific ADB driver that’s suppose to be used with the screen or a setting I’m missing?

      I’d like to do a full back-up this way because we don’t have the funds right now to purchase something like Radix.

      Any help would be appreciated!

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      As the Android Debug Bridge is not a Promethean software product, we cannot provide any advice on its operation or requirements.


      We would recommend reaching out to that software’s authors for assistance with its setup and use.

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        Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan

        Hi Jarrad,

        I am not looking for advice on ADB.  I’m inquiring whether there is a specific Promethean driver that needs to be used to perform the backup.  Most manufacturers provide the driver.  The only driver I’ve come across is the ActivDriver.

        I’m not trying to do anything other than create a backup of the look and design of the board that we’ve created from our teachers’ requests.

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        We do not produce any drivers for Android or the ActivConnect devices.  Our ActivDriver helps Windows, macOS, and Linux computers connect to our hardware.

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