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      Tamerah WrightTamerah Wright

      Good Morning,

      Our school is experiencing an issue where our Promethean boards, are not working after opening Google Chrome. The only way to fix this is to restart our computers. We all have a desktop operating in Windows 10. Can you help us fix this issue?

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      Slim PrometheanSlim Promethean

      Hello Tamerah,


      Thank you for your post.


      In order to better help you fix the issue, can you please provide us with the below information:


      1. The product codes of your ActivBoards? This should be located on a sticker where you have your product serial number.

      2. The full version of your Operating System.

      3. What is the ActivDriver version installed on the computers?

      4. What is the current version of the ActivBoard’s firmware?


      We look forward to receiving your reply.


      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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        Tamerah WrightTamerah Wright

        Product Code: ABV378S300

        Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Education Version 1809 (OS build: 17763.529)

        ActivDriver version: 5.18.11

        Firmware: V8.04 Build 4

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      Karen PrometheanKaren Promethean

      Hello Tamerah,

      Thank you for that information.

      Please update the ActivDriver to the latest version (5.18.19) at the following link:

      Please update the ActivBoard 300 78″ board’s firmware to the latest non HID version (8.10 build 7) from the following article on our support portal:

      You will then need to restart the computer after the update and reset the board per the following article to ensure the update is complete:

      Please let us know if you have any questions – we are happy to assist.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind Regards,


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