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      Nicole MandrinNicole Mandrin

      My file contents disappear when I re open the file, while this content is still visible in the page navigator…
      I had to re do my work twice. I would like to get my work back.

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      Thank you for your post.

      So that we can assist you further, please confirm details below:

      – version of the software you are using
      – operating system
      – how are the flipcharts being created? On this computer? On a different computer?

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Nicole, hello 🙂

      I am an ActivInspire user, and few years ago I had that problem.

      Were you working and saving your work in a USB memory device or external drive?

      The best practice I learned was always work saving my files in my hard disk, and then after I finish my job copy the original file to a flash memory or external hard disk.

      Hope you can get back your content.

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      It’s a kind of a consolation to see that I’m not the only one through these issues… I did lose my files  but not the lesson 😉 
      Now I’m very careful to save my work on my very computer before sending it to any cloud or box or usb key.
      No more problems since then.

      Now that I understood how it happenned, does anyone know why ?

      Thanks for your advices.

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      As I see, working directly from a USB is the problem, probably some kind of TMP files or link can´t be close properly at the end when you close the program or save the file you were editing.

      I’m glad it helps, remember always copy your file and edit it from your hard disk, then after upload it or copy to flash memory devices.

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      Agree with Carlos in this case; usually that kind of
      behavior seen in a flipchart is the result of a corruption of the data in the
      flipchart file, which can be caused by accessing it from or saving it directly
      to a USB drive or network storage location. 
      We do recommend any editing and saving of flipchart files be done on a
      copy saved to the computer’s local Hard Drive, which can be copied to a
      non-local storage device afterwards.


      (Support Case 00544762)

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