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      Sarah LawlorSarah Lawlor

      I have recently downloaded activeinspire. On the left hand side the thumbnails of all my slides look perfect however when I open them that is not the case can anyone help me please!!
      When I go to edit the slides and fix the mistakes and I try to save my work. It says there was an issue with active inspire and it closes it down. Thus leaving me back at square one  

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      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      From what you have described the flipchart has become corrupt.
      This is usually something that happens when the file is saved.
      We would recommend ensuring that you are using the latest version of ActivInspire, this can be checked by clicking on Help>Check for updates.

      Also, we would recommend saving locally on to the computers hard drive first, rather than saving to a network/cloud or thumb drive.

      I hope this information helps.
      If you still have any issues please let me know.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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