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      I have several slides in different presentations that I want to include in a new presentation for a different subject. I do not want to recreate the wheel. Is there a way to copy 2-3 slides and move them to a new flipchart?

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      Hi Barbara,

      Within ActivInspire you can open both the new flipchart and the old flip chart. You can right click on the thumbnail of the flip chart pages on the page browser and click on copy/cut and then click on the new flipchart on the top taskbar and then you can right click and paste. You can then use the page browser to arrange the order of the flip chart pages.

      I hope this information helps.
      Promethean Technical Support
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      Open both the first flipchart and the second flip chart in ActiveInspire. Put an arrow cursor on the page to be copied in the first flipchart. Press Ctrl-A to select the whole page. Now place your cursor on a blank page in the second flipchart. Right click and paste the whole page in; use the x tab on the pasted page to drag the page to where you want it located.

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