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      Melissa PriceMelissa Price

      When I write on my board the letters have shadows

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      In our experience with
      this issue, this has often been a problem with the VGA connection in place
      between a computer and the projector in use, especially if the shadowing is
      only seen on the projected image on the board and not on the computer’s


      In that case, first
      disconnect and reconnect the VGA cable in use from both the computer end and
      the projector end, making sure that those connections are plugged in and
      securely screwed into place. 

      Should that have no
      effect, remove any additional hardware used to facilitate the VGA connection
      (e.g. a splitter or extension cable, a document camera, any docking stations or
      wallboxes) and connect one length of VGA cable from a VGA port on the computer
      directly to a VGA port on the projector in use. 

      At that point, if the
      same issue is present, we would advise using both a different VGA cable to make
      the above connection to a different computer, to verify that the issue being
      experienced is not caused be either of those components.


      Depending on the
      results of the above troubleshooting, replacement of some Promethean hardware
      may be required.  To report the results
      of that troubleshooting to us and verify warranty coverage on the hardware in
      question (using its serial number), please contact us either by an e-mail submission  through our Knowledge Base (http://www.prometheankb.com) or by phone.  In either case, please refer to support case 00469333 when contacting us with that

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