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      Connie ChappellConnie Chappell

      The USB connection on my ActivBoard 300 is loose.  The flame is not illuminating any color. All of the software is up to date.  I even downloaded the latest ActivDriver from your support sight.  I think the USB port needs repair or replacement.  What do I do?

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      Hi Connie,

      Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

      Just to double check, when the USB cable is connected in to USB port which is loose, does any sound play through the ActivBoard speakers over the USB connection? Is this connecting directly into the USB port on the back of the ActivBoard into the plastic covering behind the flame? If not, connect directly to the USB input labelled on the picture below.
      If no sound is heard, then it’s looking like the USB port has become too loose to use. 

      There’s a few steps which we would recommend, on the ActivBoard where the USB port is too loose, you can remove the plastic covering. Once removed, you will notice a hidden USB port that you can connect to for pen interaction. For sound, you would need to use an audio cable directly into the side of the ActivBoard Amplifier. This will bypass the USB Hub electronics on the Activboard (smaller set of electronics behind the plastic cover). 

      I’d recommend connecting your USB cable to the hidden USB port and seeing if this lights the flame LED up. If so, this set of electronics is working correctly.

      If you wanted to replace the USB hub electronics you can contact a Promethean reseller to enquire about the cost of replacing the electronics. 

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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