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      Rhetor MarcusRhetor Marcus

      I want to type vowels with macrons using ASCII codes. They work with accented vowels (ALT+192-250) but as a Latin teacher I need to write vowels with macrons (Alt+257-363). Why don’t these work? I am tired of copying and pasting from other applications or or shared resources.

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      Hi Marc, 
      Just a quick question and please pardon my ignorance on the subject, but are you sure those are the right codes? 
      I have been testing this in Inspire and have been trying to come up with a work-around, including using the NZ Maori keyboard layout and then I started looking into the ASCII codes, but I can only find tables up to 255? 

      I can see most of the accented vowels in there, what is the difference with the codes you need ? 
      If I have all the information, I can make sure we get this documented and properly addressed. 

      Thanks in advance, 

      Reference : 00465077

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