What is ActivInspire?
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      I downloaded Active inspire on my home computer. It is on an icon on my desk top, but I also want to put it on my lap top so that I can use it on the Promethean board at school. How do I do that? I used the number on the back of the screen to acquire the professional version so that I could work at home.

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      The Personal Edition of the ActivInspire Software (which
      does not use an Activation Key) can be installed on as many computers as
      needed.  You can even use the same file
      downloaded from Promethean Planet to do so, using a USB Key to move the installer
      from computer to computer.


      The Professional Edition (which requires an Activation Key
      to unlock), according to the Terms and Conditions of the Software License, can
      be used on one computer at school for presenting lessons and on a second
      computer at home for preparing lessons.  If
      you have the Activation Key (20 digits long, starting with either 0015 or 0016)
      entered on two computers already, you would not (according to the terms of the
      license) be able to use that on a third computer.


      If you have the Activation key on only one of two computers,
      you can enter the Key into the ActivInspire software on the other computer by
      bringing up the End User License Agreement.

      In windows, this is done by looking in the ‘Help’ menu,
      choosing ‘About’, and clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the window which

      On a Mac (OS X), that would be done by choosing the ‘ActivInspire’
      menu and clicking on, ‘About ActivInspire…’, then on the ‘Register‘ button on
      the window that presents.


      In either case, you would input the User Name and
      Organization, agree to the Terms of the License, and input the Activation Key
      (without dashes or spaces; as 20 consecutive digits).  At that point, an “OK” button should be
      active; click on that button and you will be told that any changes will take
      effect the next time the software opens. 
      Close and re-open the software, and the features of the Professional Edition
      will be unlocked.


      If you have any further questions, you can post them to this
      community thread or Contact our Technical Support Team either by
      or by submitting a ‘Contact
      Us’ form
      on our Knowledgebase.


      (Support Case 00566343)

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