Interactive Flat Panels

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    Wendy Promethean

    The ActivPanel Touch support six simultaneous touches when used with Windows 7 and Windows 8. But, the number of touches depends on what the program will support. For example, ActivInspire 1.7b is limited to a single user with two touches whereas ActivInspire 1.8+ can support multiple users with up to six touches.

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    Wendy, ref. your response above. Do 6 touches work inside Inspire or Windows in general? In other words does it matter which programme you are using?

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    Thank you, Jon,  for this follow up question. Yes, the limitation lies with the software, not the panel. 
    If the software allows, then the ActivPanel touch can support up to 6 simultaneous touches. 
    So in the example above, if you were using Inspire version 1.7 on a windows 7 PC, you would only have 2 touches. 
    If you were to then close Inspire, you should be able to use 6-touch in the Windows environment. 

    Case ref. : 00460345

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    How do I activate the touch capabilities of the panel?

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