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      Paul CosserPaul Cosser

      I am a secondary school physics teacher and often spend a lot of time making an illustration for the classes to label and annotate. Unfortunately I want to keep the illustration but lose the students annotations for the next class. How can I do this.

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      Hi Paul, 

      Welcome to the Support Community and thank you for posting this question. 
      I would encourage all other teachers out there to share their way of working with you in regards to this, as they might have some useful tips for you. 
      Have you tried switching to design mode and locking the objects/illustration?  Once you are back in presentation mode, these objects cannot be changed. 

      You can right-click the objects and lock them from the sub-menu that comes up. 

      Your reference:  00464357

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      As an Inspire trainer I suggest to teachers that in these scenarios, if you have a standard illustration you use ad a template, which you want students to annotate over, why not save your illustration to the personal library? To do this, on the page of your illustration, right mouse click? One of the options is ‘add to library’.
      You can add loafs of personal resources to your library in this way.
      Let me know if this helps?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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