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      Olzhas AbdygalievOlzhas Abdygaliev

      Whenever I’m trying to import questions from Excel ActivInspire crashes. Seems like there must be some template.

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      Hi Olzhas, 

      You are right there is, please find it here.

      Your reference for this query is 00482429, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are still having trouble.  

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      Wendy, thanks for this. I had been wondering the same thing, so I tried the template on a Windows 7 system running AI 2.2. Everything appears to work okay except correct answers. Importing them into Question Manager, the multiple choice correct answers didn’t populate at all, whereas the t/f questions’ correct answers all imported as false, regardless of the actual correct answers in the spreadsheet. I know the correct answers can be corrected in QM after the import, but is there a way to handle this upfront in the formatting of the template?

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      So we can further
      review this issue with you, Geno, (and possibly escalate) please contact
      our support team
      and refer to case 00482429. 

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      I created Excel file and made it as in template, but still ActivInspire crashes. Is there any tutorial of importing questions?

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      Hi Olzhas.
      Please could you fill in the contact us form on the link below:
      Please mention case reference 00482429 so we can relate the information.
      Please could you also provide the version of ActivInspire installed (You can obtain this by clicking Help>About) and also so we can test please attach the excel file which appears to be crashing your ActivInspire.

      Thank you.

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