What is ActivInspire?
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      I have the upgraded software and I know I’m connected to the iternet. there is just not an icon anywhere for the dual user pen. I’m frustrated! It works at one school I teach at but then the second school the option is not even there. Same board, same software! UGH

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      Look in ActivInspire’s
      Help menu, under ‘About” (in Windows) or in the ActivInspire menu in ‘About
      ActivInspire’ (in OS X), and look for the version information in bold type
      across the top of the window which opens. 
      If that reads “Personal Edition”, then you will need to obtain an Activation
      Key for the software to enter, which will unlock the features of the Professional
      Edition (e.g. Dual User support, the ability to Annotate over a Desktop, a
      Shapes tool). 


      If you have that key
      (20 digits in length, starting with either 0015 or 0016), then click on the ‘register
      button on the window opened above to bring up the End User License Agreement
      window, into which that key can be input (without dashes or spaces) along with
      user name and organization information, and a checkbox to agree to the license
      terms.  If the information is all filled
      in correctly, an ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the window will become active.  Click on that button and restart the
      software; the additional tools and features of the Professional Edition should
      then be available.


      (Support Case 00484665)

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