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      Andrea SturzenAndrea Sturzen

      All of my flipcharts have the same background color that I somehow chose when I first got ActiveInspire. I do not mean the flipchart pages themselves, but the space behind the flipchart pages – not sure what you would call it, perhaps the “desktop”?

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      Hello Andrea, I’m an ActivInspire user.

      The space around our pages is the “World color”.
      To chage at the same time in all the pages just go to: File -> Settings -> Find the tab Settings -> scroll the left many and choose “Flipchart”

      You will see the options you can set as you want, changing the “World color” to set a new color around all your pages.

      Once has been selected, press “Done” and simply press next page and return to the last you were.

      Any way if you would like a different color each page, try to do a square on top, both sides and down the page 🙂  selecting first the 50% view inside best fit drop down menu on the top right your screen, and do 4 squares to play with the colors around your pages 😉

      Hope it helps to you.

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      Hi friends,

      I followed the guidelines above but I did not find the option Flipcharts on the left-hand-side of the settings tab as explained above.  check the attached screenshot below, please advise, thanks.

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      Hi MohamedAliRagab2012,

      It appears that you are missing a few options here on the left hand side such as flipcharts.

      Are you presented with this option when you change to a different profile such as math/authoring?

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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