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      Jacqui PintoJacqui Pinto

      I am working on a flip chart that the kids have to choose a letter to complete the word.
      I would like the kids to do it in groups. They can change the page and when it comes to the end I have the icon that goes back to the first page. I would like it to reset when it goes back to the first page.
      Thank you for any help you can provide

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      When returning to the first page, you can either use the Reset
      Tool in Inspire’s Toolbox or set an object on the page with the Action of “Reset
      Page”(Set using Inspire’s Action Browser) to revert the page back to the state
      in which it was opened in that session.


      (Support Case 00550814)

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      But that doesn’t reset the whole flipchart, It does just that page.

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      The only way to reset a whole flipchart is to
      close the flipchart and reopen it. Once it has been saved and it re-opens it
      will have the saved data not the original data.

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      Thank you very much for your help

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