What is ActivInspire?
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      candice de boisecandice de boise

      i don’t even see that I have the app installed properly on my mac. i thought i downloaded the driver and the flashplayer already… idk what else needs to be done

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      Open a new Finder
      window and look in the Applications folder for a folder Called ‘Promethean’. Within that folder should be separate
      folders for the ActivInspire software and the ActivDriver, if they are installed
      on the computer.  If either (or neither)
      item is still installed, download the ActivInspire disk image from this page
      (after selecting the language in use) on Promethean Planet and install the two
      PKG files contained in it, one at a time. 
      They will install the ActivInspire software and the ActivDriver on the computer.


      If you
      encounter any errors during the installation or use of that software, please
      let us know.


      (Support Case

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      Activ driver has not downloaded. I get a message with x86 in it presume my laptop is not compatible. what can i do???

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      Hi Vicky,
      You can download the latest ActivDriver by visiting our knowledge base at http://www.PrometheanKB.com and searching for article number 10902.
      You will be presented 2 versions, a 32bit (x86) and a 64bit (x64), please download the relevant version for you operating system of Windows.

      If you have any issues please let us know.

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      Thanks. I managed to download the activdriver. My pen won’t work. I disconnected and reconnected. Unplugged usb. Pen changes promethean light to red when it hovers over but that’s it.!! Any other ideas??

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      Hi Vicky,
      Usually when the LED on the ActivBoard is red this indicates an issue with the connection between your computer and the ActivBoard.

      To ensure that the cable is not at fault, please test another USB cable to your ActivBoard preferably directly bypassing any wallboxes or connection panels that may be in use.
      You can refer to article 10419 which also has extra steps available to try.

      If you are still having further issues I would recommend contacting Promethean Technical Support directly and having the serial number of the ActivBoard to hand so we can assist further.

      A full list of Technical Support numbers are available here:

      I hope this helps.

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