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      I need help with making the background of a Flash file imported into ActivInspire transparent. How do I do that? The Flash file is a spinner arrow that I want to place over several different spinner backgrounds. Can anyone help? Would love to talk with someone from Promethean about this.

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      Hi Dan.
      I would recommend contacting Promethean technical support directly.
      You can fill in the form on the below link:
      If possible, please add your flash file you are trying to import so we can also have a look at this.

      Have you tried to set the Transparency option in the object browser to TRUE at all?
      Please quote reference 00491280 on the form so we can relate to this forum post.
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I am going to fill out one of those forms but I have in the past and have never gotten real help in solving the problem. I am really wanting to find a software tech at Promethean who knows Flash, ActivInspire, and a little bit about importing Smart Notebook files. Can you put me in touch with anyone? I tried setting the object transparency of the SWF object to True but is had no effect. I am trying to help hundreds of teachers who use ActiveInspire with materials we produce so I need real technical help from Promethean.

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      In reviewing this case
      and a case opened for this same issue with our technical support team, I
      understand what is being attempted here; the creation of a flash object to be inserted
      into the ActivInspire software which can be placed over objects created in
      Inspire so that Inspire’s objects are visible under the flash object.


      Be advised that the
      transparency setting for this object must be set in Adobe Flash; Inspire would
      not be able to set the desired transparency effect on the object. 


      (Support Case 00491280)

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      It is my understanding that transparency is not set in Flash. The WMODE setting sets transparency in html code that calls the Flash file when producing the web page. So we are somewhat confused how this is supposed to work in SMART’s Notebook program. Can you PLEASE direct us to a resource that describes how to set transparency in the Flash file so that it’s background is transparent in Notebook. We see no way to do it.

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      Dan, thanks for following up and for clarifying- I see we logged a follow-up case for you in which it turned out that in Activinspire this can be changed through the Properties browser for the object (Specifically, under the Multimedia heading) and potentially also by turning off force overlay mode for Flash (In the same place), though looks like we never heard back regarding your attempt to do the latter.

      However, nobody in Promethean technical support would be able to help you to do this in Smart Notebook. You might be able to get in touch with Smart for support of their software, but we can’t guide you any further.

      Thank you,
      Daniel Barnwell
      Promethean Technical Support

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