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      Elaine PicardElaine Picard

      I am using Inspire.  I connect to classflow by logging in and my class code shows up.  My students join my class by going to class flow, entering the class code, and then their names.  I can see a list of connected students.  I select express poll and text question response.  My students see my question and send in their responses.   I receive their responses and can view them on the screen.

      Now,  I send another question –   My students are kicked out of the class and need to rejoin.  Now there are 2 instances of each student in the class.  This happens every time I send a new question!  Then things get really messed up – students get messages that the class code doesn’t work – the inspire poll freezes…… Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?





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      Hello Elaine,

      Thank you for your post on our Support Community.

      To better understand the nature of the issue you are having, could you clarify if all the students are kicked out that specific class once you launch the Quick Poll? Does this happen with several classes or only with this one?

      Is it possible that the students are kicked out of the class because they lost their connection?

      What kind of devices are they using to send their responses?

      Please, also confirm the version of ActivInspire you are currently using. This can be verified by opening the program and clicking on “Help” and “About”.

      Are you using the most recent version of ClassFlow?

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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        Christy HeptinstallChristy Heptinstall


        I have been having the same problem for over a year now.  Classflow Quickpoll through Activinspire used to work fine until they did an update and the look of the Classflow tab changed.  Now it kicks us out repeatedly.  I keep getting told that the problem is being “escalated” to another department but nothing has been resolved.  Now that I see other people are having the same problem, I know that it is not a browser or network issue at my school.  With remote students, I really need for the program to work like it used to.  I love the program.

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      Elaine PicardElaine Picard

      Hi Arianna,

      When I connect to classflow from active inspire the same class code always comes up.

      The students are using laptops.   They do get disconnected but not because of an internet issue.

      I am using active inpire professsional version 2.22.69367.

      Class flow desktop is not installed.  I am logging into the online version.

      The first poll works fine.  Students are able to send in their answers.  They lose their connection to the class when I initiate a second poll.



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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Elaine,


      Thank you for getting back to us with this information.

      If you are using ClassFlow through ActivInspire, then it’s important you are not also logged into ClassFlow via the browser, as this will cause the student device connections to be reset as it looks for the most recent session to connect to.

      In this instance, rather than using the Student device link from ActivInspire that asks them to enter the classcode, ask your students to test it with an incognito window from their browser, using the direct link to the class, i.e.:<yourclasscodefrominspire&gt;

      The link is for, you will have to enter the correct one if your teacher account is not on, but that part will also show in your Inspire Settings.

      Do you get different results doing this?

      Thanks for letting us know ,



      Promethean Technical Support



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        Elaine PicardElaine Picard

        Hi Wendy,


        I have tried both of these things and the same thing happens.  Students get kicked out of the class.



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      Daniel ThompsonDaniel Thompson

      I am having the exact same problem. Students are using iPad 7’s and 8’s. I will check incognito link today. Is it just having students go to that link?

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