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      Loni GhiorsoLoni Ghiorso

      We are distance learning–I am using activinspire.  When I connect with a tablet (Elmo or Wacom) inspire now crashes.  It was working fine for the last several months, but now if I use either of the tablets, it will work for a few minutes and then Inspire crashes.  Nothing has changed as far as I know.  Working on a Macbook Air 10.14.6

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      Hello Loni,

      Thank you for contacting Promethean Technical Support.

      To better assist you with the issue reported, we kindly ask you to clarify if ActivInspire crashes when performing some particular action, such as opening or saving flipcharts.

      Please, also confirm which version of ActivInspire you are currently using and if the tablets’ drivers are up-to-date.

      You may find further details on how to use ActivInspire on tablets in this article on our Support Portal:

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      Loni GhiorsoLoni Ghiorso

      It crashes when I am using the pen. It will work for a while–it used to work even a couple of hours–now only a few minutes.  I will be writing on a Flipchart, then the writing continues even if my pen is not on the tablet and then the program crashes.

      I just reinstalled Inspire and am still having the issue.  Version 2.21.69365.  As far as I can tell, the tablet drivers are up to date.

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      Kate PrometheanKate Promethean

      Hi Loni,

      Thank you this information.

      We have raised this issue to our second level team and they would like to know the exact model and make of the tablet you are using.

      Please could you confirm this?

      We are unable to guarantee that ActivInspire will work with it, however we will do our best to raise it to our product team.

      We look forward to hearing back from you.

      Kind regards,



      Promethean Technical Support


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