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      We recently purchased a number of ActivWall 88″ boards, and are experiencing an issue with one of them (the only one in use at the moment).  Everything is setup and working properly, the LGA has been aligned, and everything is centered within the “active” screen space, but whenever I try the initial installation calibration in System Tools, it lets me trace the first line with my finger but then it freezes and won’t let me continue.  Hitting escape ends the calibration, but while the board is mostly calibrated, I can’t zero it in.

      Help would be much appreciated.  I’m going to finish installing another board tomorrow and give it a try – hopefully with better results.  Let me know if anymore information is needed, but here’s some more helpful info:

      Active Driver 5.15.10
      ActivWall Firmware is 1.2.747d31


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      Hello Byron,

      We see that the firmware on this wall could use an update. The most current version is 1.3.5 and should be available as an update in the ActivManager. Instructions for the update can be found here . Please note that these instructions are for the ActivPanel, though the steps are the same. 

      Promethean Support

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      Thanks for the prompt reply.  We installed our second board this afternoon, so I decided to immediately upgrade the firmware as suggested for the original board in question.  However, I was unable to successfully update.  It would download successfully and then try to install, but would fail out.  See images for more information.  I noticed it’s possible to update from a file, so is it possible for you to send me the firmware update as a file so I can try it that way?

      Any other suggestions?

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      Hi Byron,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Could you try connecting another computer which has the ActivDriver (5.15.10) installed and attempt the firmware upgrade on this computer using the internet option?

      If this fails, you can try to upgrade the firmware manually however this is recommend that you use a different computer than the one previously being used.
      The file can be downloaded on the link below:

      When downloaded, choose the File option and select the file. You do not need to extract the file or search for any files inside the .tar file.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      As suggested, I used a different computer and the firmware updated just fine.  Still have to try on the other board, but I suspect similar results.  

      Unfortunately, updating the firmware did not allow me to successfully complete the initial calibration setup.  It still freezes at the same point, just after I trace the first line with my finger.

      Interestingly, the board is almost perfectly calibrated already, which is handy since this isn’t working haha, but it’d still be nice to get this figured out asap.

      Appreciate everyone’s help and timely responses!


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      Hi Byron, 

      Thank you for the information that you have provided for us. We are going to follow up with you regarding this issue via email with further troubleshooting steps. 

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