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      Hello, we have always installed ActivDriver through SCCM in OSD Task sequences. Recently it changed from being an MSI install to being an executable install. I have configured an application in SCCM to use the following command line to install the software as per the instructions from –help and the support page. “activdriver-5.14.21-windows-installer-x64.exe –mode unattended”.

      The problem I have is that the software/driver never seems to install. I can see the executable running in processes but its as if it is sat waiting for input or displaying some error that I can’t see because of the exe being ran in the system context, eventually it times out when it reaches the maximum allowed runtime (45 minutes). Am i missing something? When i run the same command from an elevated command prompt it installs fine. Does anyone have any ideas?

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      Hi d4rkcell,

      Thank you for your post.

      Have you removed any older drivers from the computers before the installation of the latest ActivDriver?

      This is a requirement of the installer technology change on the executable for the ActivDriver. 

      I hope this information helps.

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Adam, there was no older ActivDriver installed this is happening on freshly imaged computers both when the application is in the operating system deployment task sequence and when it is deployed through software centre after the task sequence completes. I do have activinspire 2.5 installed, could this cause any conflicts?

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