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      Marilyn FlukeMarilyn Fluke

      Is there a way to utilize Activinspire lessons without a Promethean board?

      My new classroom only has an Apple TV. I recently left a school district that fully utilized Promethean boards and ActivInspire!

      I would like to utilize this technology via my tablet. Is this even possible?

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      Hi Marilyn.
      Assuming the Apple TV is connected to a projector, you should be able to mirror your display from your tablet to the projector (providing this is a supported operating system for ActivInspire to be installed on). Please refer to article 11110 on for further information.

      Promethean Technical Support
      Case 00509416

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      From a tablet, not per se, Marilyn. ActivInspire itself only runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, but you might look at ClassFlow, at, into which which you may import ActivInspire flipcharts and ultimately administer from a tablet.

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