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      Phil MoorePhil Moore

      I need to control multiple ActivPanel Titanium units from a Crestron system over IP not RS232.

      Is this possible and if so, what port do I use and what is the protocol?



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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Phil,

      Thank you for your post.

      It is not currently possible to control an ActivPanel with IP – only via RS232.

      We have an Enhancement open with our development team. I have added your post to the request.

      All announcements are released on the community, please keep an eye out for any updates.

      Kind regards,


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      Phil MoorePhil Moore

      OK – thanks for the response.

      If you are going to implement IP control PLEASE:

      • use the same protocol as RS232 to avoid doubling up
      • use the TCP/IP transport not UDP so that the connected control system can be certain that messages have been received.
      • do not use WOL to wake the thing up. This is a complete pain for integrators/programmers having to know the MAC address of the unit. The MAC address needs to be kept either hard coded in the program (bad) or in a configuration file that can be read at program startup (better). If the unit has to be replaced for whatever reason, then the integrator cannot simply swap the unit out – either the programming or the configuration file needs to be modified as well which costs time and money which can rarely be recouped.



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