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      Elane SteinElane Stein

      When importing a PDF, you need to change it to “Fit to Width” so it can be seen from far away, but will have to scroll down to view the rest of the document. I have some grouped items slid to the side so they can be accessed, but when I scroll down to view the rest of the PDF, the items can’t be accessed easily and did not move with the page. Is there a setting for the grouped item so it will continue to be seen even if I scroll down the page?

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      There is
      not a setting to apply to the flipchart page or to the object which will allow
      it to move as the page is scrolled.


      What you
      can do instead is drag the object into your Resource Browser, saving it to your
      resource library.  From there it can be
      dragged out into the flipchart of the imported PDF, no matter where the page is
      scrolled to or what page is being displayed.

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