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      Hi, we just got some ActivPanels (activ connect) in that came with the latest ActiView document cameras. Seem to be having a hard time trying to get them to work with the panels. We can set the source to HDMI but the teacher would have to switch back and forth from doc cam to panel (to write on the board). 

      Is there anyway to get it to work where we can use the USB without switching the source? Such as using the camera app with the document camera, etc.

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      I don’t see an edit button but basically to sum it up. Is there a way to get Actiview Document Camera to work with Activeconnect G Series (activpanel) directly instead of swapping sources on the panel itself.

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      Hi Vrax,

      At the moment, it’s not possible to connect the ActiView to the ActivConnect G-Series as this would require drivers and an App to run this. 

      I will raise this with our ActivConnect software development team to hopefully develop for future releases.

      At the moment, the current work around is to either view this by changing source, or connecting to a computer and using the ActiView software/ActivInspire.

      If you have any questions please let me know.

      Promethean Technical Support

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