Interactive Flat Panels
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      Rebecca RobertsRebecca Roberts

      I am looking for a way to not only mirror my iPad screen on the Promethean (as I can see is possible with software like Reflector and AppleTV) but also to use the Promethean as a remote controller for the iPad (in the same way that we traditionally use it to control the computer). It seems to me that I could connect the iPad to the Promethean using a lighting to USB adapter while mirroring my screen to the computer and connecting the computer to the projector with the HDMI cable, but I don’t think the Promethean will control the iPad without ActivInspire. Is there a driver that I can download to a tablet to allow the Promethean to work in this way?

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      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for your post. Currently there is no way to use ActivInspire with an iPad, the software requires a full operating system (Windows, Mac OS, or Linux) to function, this is also the same for the ActivDriver software which controls the interactivity.

      I hope this answers your question.

      (Support Case: 587707)

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