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    Is there anyway to stop the ActivSoundbar from switching to standby?
    I appreciate it is a feature for saving power, but in classrooms it is a little bit annoying as a teacher can play a clip, then discuss this with the class. by the time they go to play a second clip 20 minutes later, the soundbar has gone to standby. Meaning a teacher is having to stop the clip, use the remote to switch the soundbar on again and then restart the clip.
    It doesn’t give the teacher great confidence in the tech when they are teaching.

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    There are no settings which can be toggled on the ActivSoundBar to affect the automatic shutdown, which for our early models was 15 minutes of receiving no audio signal

    However, on our newer models of the ActivSoundBar, that time was extended to two hours without receiving an audio signal before shutting down.

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