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    Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan

    Hello everyone,

    What is the best way to wake a screen that’s been locked (or is sleeping) after a period of inactivity?  We’re implementing some sleep settings on our boards and it appears the OPS-G will go black after a period of inactivity similar to the experience you’d have on an Android tablet or phone.  However, tapping the screen does not wake the device up.  The only successful option thus far has been tapping the power button on the OPS device (again similar to what you’d have to do on a phone or tablet).

    Is tapping the screen suppose to wake the OPS-G from sleep? I know this feature wasn’t implemented until Android 6.0.

    The built-in Android lock button works well but may not be enough for my district.  We’d love to set a timeout value that locks the screen in a similar way but does not power the screen off.

    Any advice would be appreciated!



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    Hi Patrick

    Thanks for posting on the community.

    Do you currently have any shutdown timers set on the ActivPanel menu?

    If you do, this will be controlling the turn off feature for the OPS-G.

    To boot your OPS-G up when you turn back on the ActivPanel, go to Menu>Settings>Boot Settings> OPS Start Up>Select Only OPS.

    I hope this information helps.


    Kind regards,

    Promethean Technical Support

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