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      Joy SaitoJoy Saito

      I have not been able to connect a 1 year old MacBook Air with the M1 chip to a brand new ActivPanel titanim.  I have tried using a USB TypeC plug to USB 2.0 Standard-B plug cable directly from the panel’s touch port to the laptop.  The ActivManager does not recognize any board connected.  When I try ActivCalbrate it says no board connected.

      I have tried connecting on 2 year old ActivPanels. I have tried using USB-C adapters.  Nothing will connect the MBA with the M1 chip.  But I can connect to the panel with another MBA running OS 10.14.5 Mojave.

      The laptop is installed with ActivDriver version 5.18.19 and is running OS 11.2.3 Big Sur.

      I’ve been told by Promethean support that there are no compatibility issues with Big Sur.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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      Hi Joy,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      Are you able to get an image on the panel when connecting the Mac to the panel?

      Can you please also get a picture of the adapter that you are using?

      Let us know and we an investigate further.  I can confirm that our Elements series panels have been tested and confirmed to work with Big Sur.

      Thank you,


      Promethean Escalations Team

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      Joy SaitoJoy Saito

      Hello Krista,

      I have not been able to connect the MacBook Air to the panel, therefore, no image.  The panels that I have tried show no board connected in ActivManager and ActivCalibrate says no board connected.

      Attached are images of the USB TypeC plug to USB 2.0 Standard-B plug cable that I used directly from the laptop to the board and also images of the USB-C adapter I tried.

      Hopefully you will have suggestion for me.

      Thank you,

      Joy adapterUSB-C adapter2

      USB-C adapter3

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      Hi Joy,

      Sounds like you’re having 2 issues then, (1) not being able to display an image and (2) not having touch.

      You won’t get touch without an image, as this needs the change of source to be a factor in how the usb cable routes to the ActivPanel to detect touch on that input.

      When you connect the adapter (from your photo), to the Mac and then connect the HDMI out from this to the ActivPanel directly, does this work to display an image? Can you check your Display settings to ensure that this is set to extend/duplicate?
      If this doesn’t work, have you got any other adapters that you do know that work for other computers to display via HDMI?

      Once you’re able to get an image displayed on to the ActivPanel, and ensure that your USB cable is connecting to the matching Touch USB port i.e If using HDMI 2, connect your USB cable to Touch USB 2.
      You should then be able to test if touch is working or not.


      I hope this information helps.



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      Joy SaitoJoy Saito

      Hello Adam,

      Your information was very helpful.

      I was able to get image and touch from MBA laptop on 2 different Titanium ActivPanels.  The HDMI cable will work with the adapter, but not the USB cable.  The USB cable must be connected directly from the panel to the USB-C port on the laptop.

      Thank you for your help,



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      Hi Joy,

      That’s great to hear.

      Please let us know if we can answer anything further.

      Thank you,



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