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      Tracy BehrnsTracy Behrns

      I just upgraded from Studio to ActivInspire at the beginning of this school year. I only have a limited amount of math tools. I only have the ruler, set square, and protractor. When I had studio, I used to have a calculator, dice roller, and the ability to make a graph. Is there a reason I don’t have access to these things now? Would this be related to why I can’t find the reset page button, text button, or shape/line drawing tool on the main tool box either? I would like to use ActivInspire to make some new flipcharts, but I seem to be missing some useful tools I am used to having. Any suggestions?

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      Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your post.

      From what you have described it sounds like you are running the personal version of ActivInspire, you need to enter your license key by clicking on Help > About > register.

      If you do not have your license key you would need to generate one using your Promethean hardware, for instructions on how to do this please go to http://www.PrometheanKB.com and search for article 10937.

      Thank you,


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