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      Michael RoblesMichael Robles

      We owe several Promethean Interactive Displays.

      Does Promethean displays support Microsoft Teams Rooms?

      Thank you.

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your post. As a general rule, we don’t offer support for any third-party software, but you would be using the Teams-App from a connected PC or Android-OPS system, so the question is not so much about the ActivPanel you might be displaying on. As long the operating system you are running Microsoft Teams from is supported for the App, you will be able to display it on the ActivPanel.

      The panels themselves do not have built-in microphones, so if you are looking to use it as a video-conferencing tool, you will still need a webcam/microphone facility.


      Hope that clarifies.

      Thank you,

      Kind regards,



      Promethean Technical Support




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      Will LowbridgeWill Lowbridge

      Hello Michael,

      We put 14 MS Rooms Tap share systems in to a school trust last month and they already had interactive screens. I agree with the reply from Wendy. MS Rooms is as you may know not quite the same animal as just having Teams on any device like a laptop. TEAMS ROOMS is its own identity in your Outlook calendar, It has a licence per month cost of around £12.00 per room. The products licensed by MS  vary across manufactures but most have Logitech inside running via a NUC small pc running Win 10 IOT.

      The MS Teams Rooms kit needs to be running all the time you can’t plug it in /wheel it in a room as and when you want to “TEAMS Call” it must be connected via wired RJ45 cable 24/7. MS do updates only at 2am GMT. and they do alot of updates that on these tiny devices takes hours.

      Logitech Tapshare is one we worked with small room meeting with a 10″ touchscreen device on the desk connected to the Win 10 IOT Nuc PC, this Nuc goes HDMI out to your Promethean panel and the USB touch from the panel goes in the NUC “Interactivity can be very limited” the Win 10 IOT seems not to like many touchscreen devices but Logitech Tapshare 10″ interactive screen supplied with their system works fine. IMO use the Promethean screens for large display on HDMI 2 for the Teams and use HDMI 1 + Touch USB port for your class PC/laptop.

      If you just use TEAMS on the laptop of the Teacher then just plug in a good wide angle Logitech MeetUP Camera with inbuilt Mic + Speakers in call remote control of the device. The cost is not cheap for any of this kit but the mortised lens, room position presets etc. and quality of the lens and processing make for great calls.  Sorry this has been long but I really was impressed with Logitech’s support team they are US based in Kansas but really know what they are doing with their kit TEAMS ROOMS. Just like Promethean do @ their Tech support they are also excellent support.

      Good Luck and safe regards,


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