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      Samuel BabineauxSamuel Babineaux

      Several users on our campus (Active Primary) have buttons missing from task bars (Shape and Refresh) but others do not. Everything else seems to be working fine. Everyone is updated. Tried resetting to default but where the buttons are supposed to be at are spaces. Suggestions?

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      Hi Samuel, 

      Thank you for posting. I take it your users are using ActivInspire? 
      I’m just checking because ActivPrimary hasn’t been supported for a while now and it’s unlikely that you would have been able to update it. 

      If you are indeed using ActivInspire (maybe you have it in “Primary” mode?) , I would recommend deleting the Inspire User profiles:

      1. Close down ActivInspire
      2. Rename the following folder c:usersusernameappdataroamingPromethean
      3. Restart ActivInspire. 

      Alternatively I have created a reference, feel free to call up and have one of our Tech Support agents talk you through:  00466069

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      No its Active primary (Kindergarten teachers).  It says the latest version after clicking on check for updates so I assumed it was an update, but it is doing the samething when we switched to Active Inspire under that teachers name. Will attempt the steps above.

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      Would you also try switching to Studio and seeing if the icon appear as they should there? My first thought is that somehow a couple of machines did not get the serial number for the software input correctly.

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      In addition, if the above doesn’t fix the issue, there is also an additional path here: 
      C:Documents and Settings<user>My DocumentsActiv SoftwareActivInspireMy ResourcesMy Profiles

      Rename the “My Profiles” folder and restart ActivInspire. 

      Failing that, we might have to do a clean installation, but given the fact it’s happening on multiple machines. the profiles would be the logical place to start. 

Viewing 4 reply threads
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