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      Erik VigelandErik Vigeland

      Is Activinspire software 100% compatible with Mojave yet? I have 70 staff members waiting to update to Mojave because they have other software that requires Mojave, but can’t because of Activinspire.

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      Hi Erik Vigeland,

      Thank you for posting.

      Please see the system requirements for ActivInspire:

      This operating system is only currently supported with the below product ranges:

      ActivBoard 500 Pro, ActivBoard Touch, ActivPanel 5, ActivPanel 6 and ActivPanel i-Series only.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support


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      Marcy CochranMarcy Cochran

      I had the same question about Mojave.  The support link that Adam K posted as a rely doesn’t link to anything and the answer he gave does nothing to answer the question.  When will ActivInspire be optimized for Mojave  and as a 64 bit application?

      Thank you

      Marcy Cochran


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      Hi Marcy Cochran,

      ActivInspire is supported on Mac OS Mojave.

      We are aware that Apple are dropping support for 32 bit applications and our development team will be looking in to this for the next release of Mac OS.

      In terms of optimisation for ActivInspire on Mojave, can you provide further detail on what you are referencing?

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Support

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      Erik VigelandErik Vigeland

      I’ll say it again: Mojave has been out since October. Everyone on the planet knew that it was coming out and what the “new” features were going to be. All my other software vendors had beta versions going WELL BEFORE Mojave’s release. To not have the software ready yet is a punch in the face to all that have bought your products. Shame on Promethean. This is one of the reasons we will not be buying any more of your products.

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      Jarrad PrometheanJarrad Promethean

      Thank you for you feedback on this matter, Erik.

      Our updated (as of this post) 2.14 ActivInspire software and 5.17 ActivDriver are compatible with macOS Mojave when used with our ActivBoard 500Pro and Touch interactive surfaces, and our i-Series, version 5, and version 6 ActivPanels, per the software’s system requirements.  Earlier models of ActivBoard (100, 300, and 300Pro) may require activhardwareservice‘ to be manually enabled in System Preferences for interaction to be recognized.


      If you are experiencing any specific issues with the software in Mojave or if there are any improvements to the software you would like to suggest, we can discuss and troubleshoot as appropriate in this thread, or though Phone, Chat, or E-mail correspondence.

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      Ryan MeauxRyan Meaux


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