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      Mister PadmoreMister Padmore

      I would like to be able to use the stylus as the mouse on the extended display so that I can use windows based software for writing on the screen – for example when going through work by writing answers on the displayed word document/clicking through presentations, etc…


      • Display 1 : Primary monitor (Main display with start menu)
      • Display 2: ActivPanel Titanium (extended display)

      When attempting to use the stylus as a mouse on the ActivPanel extended display, the movement and clicks register on the primary monitor, and not on the extended display.

      I have found that if I switch displays so that the main display is the ActivPanel, then the stylus registers as a mouse, and I can use it just fine, but then I do not have access to the start menu, etc, on my desktop monitor. Which isn’t great.

      Basically it seems that the stylus on the ActivPanel only registers as a mouse if it is the main display.

      Is there a fix to make it possible to use the stylus as a mouse on the extended display?

      Many thanks,

      Mr P

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      Mister PadmoreMister Padmore

      The Gaoman software for drawing pads lets you choose which display the touch input applies to. Is there an option to allow you to choose which display the stylus on ActivPanel applies to?

      Gaoman display choice

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      Noel PrometheanNoel Promethean

      Hello Mister Padmore,


      Thank you for your post.

      To be able to use Extended display on Promethean hardware that support that feature, the Promethean hardware ( ActivBoard Touch or ActivPanel) will have to be listed as the main display.

      There is no work around solutions for that.

      Please find below the link to the article that we have that reference Windows Extended Desktop support on Promethean hardware.

      Hope this helps.


      Thank You,


      Promethean Technical Support

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